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These by-now legendary liquid design tools began the Rusk revolution in the beauty industry. Suddenly there were simple basics that worked - that did what they said they did, that helped stylists created every new look, style, trend easily, imaginatively. Today, these design products are the first choice of hair artists around the world. Quite simply, no range of design products offer greater flexibility or versatility.

Anti Frizz & Straightening products by Rusk

Rusk Anti Frizz & Straightening

Rusk - Rusk Str8
6 oz     $15.00    

Rusk Str8 is a light, greaseless styling lotion, which eliminates frizz and temporarily straightens curly, wavy or permed hair. Contains Thermplex, a unique ingredient, which activates with the heat of a blow dryer to alter curl “memory” and block the effects of humidity.

Gel products by Rusk

Rusk Gel

Rusk - Jel fx Forming Jel
5 oz     $15.00    

A non greasy forming jel that defines, directs, shapes and slicks. Adds texture and hold. Hair brushes easily and springs back, full-bodied and touchable. Excellent for modling and smoothing.

Rusk Gel

Rusk - Jele Gloss Bodifying Lotion
13.5 oz     $16.00    

A versatile light hold bodifying lotion that refines and shines and bodifies.
Greaseless, fast-drying and alcohol free, it is excellent for all hair types requiring a light hold, medium volume and thicker appearance.

Hair Relaxer products by Rusk

Rusk Hair Relaxer

Rusk - Radical Anti Curl 3 With Keratin
kit     $29.50    

Chemical treatment. Curl adjuster. Frizz controller. Anti-humectant. For clients with old or unwanted perms, or clients with naturally curly or frizzy hair in need of control. Also for clients with uneven hair texture. Removes old or unwanted perms. Controls naturally curly hair. Controls hair that frizzes in high humidity. Prepares the hair for a fresh texture. Evens hair that has dual textures.

Mousse products by Rusk

Rusk Mousse

Rusk - Thickr Thickening Mousse
8.8 oz     $16.00    

Rusk Thickr Thickening Mousse provides body, texture and hold without buildup. Hair is left silky, shiny, and manageable.

Styling products by Rusk

Rusk Styling

Rusk - Wired Styling Cream
6 oz     $15.00    

Rusk WIRED styling cream provides flexible body and pliable style support as it creates incredible texture. Lifts, shines and creates soft, gravity-defying body on dry hair. On wet hair, it eliminates frizziness and maintains moisture while blow drying. Can be intermixed with other styling products to create a variety of dramatic textures. Contains Thermplex which activates with the heat of a blow dryer to create texture from within and block humidity.

Directions: On wet hair, manipulate a liberal amount between palms, distribute evenly throughout the hair and work in. On dry hair, apply using fingertips, beginning at the roots and working through to the ends to create dramatic texture and movement.


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