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TRI products are the best of nature blended with modern technology. Our entire product line is formulated to dramatically improve the hair's structure, texture and manageability, creating a healthy balance and beautiful appearance for your hair.
The ingredients selected to create our hair care products are all-natural and have always been completely biodegradable, and we have never used animal testing. Everything that we are has been achieved through a unique, and highly creative haircare philosophy.
We view technology as the gateway. Innovation the fuel. And beauty as the ultimate reward. If being all that you can be is your desire, then TRI products can make your desire a reality.

Joe Oliveri Founder & CEO
TRI Professional Haircare Products

Conditioner products by Tri

Tri Conditioner

Tri - Daily Hydrating Conditioner
10.1 fl oz.     $18.00    

Daily Hydrating Conditioner

Tri Conditioner

Tri - Moisturizing Conditioner, Intensive Conditioner for Daily Use
32 oz.     $20.00    

Works instantly penetrating into areas of moisture loss and damage, restoring moisture and elasticity, the intense conditioner provides refreshed healthy and manageable hair. Picture shown is 10 oz. size. You are ordering the 32 oz. (liter) size.


Tri Conditioner

Tri - Structural Balance Daily Hydrating Conditioner
10.5 fl. oz.     $2.00    

Structural Balance Daily Hydrating Conditioner

Hair Care products by Tri

Tri Hair Care

Tri - Structural Balance Hydrating Reconstructor
6 fl. oz.     $19.50    

Structural Balance Hydrating Reconstructor

Tri Hair Care

Tri - Structural Balance Leave-In Reconstructor
9.5 fl. oz.     $16.00    

Structural Balance Leave-In Reconstructor


Tri Hair Care

Tri - Structural Balance Spray Wax
3.8 fl. oz.     $22.00    

Structural Balance Spray Wax

Hair Spray products by Tri

Tri Hair Spray

Tri - Aerogel
3 oz     $10.00    

Searching for the ultimate hair styling aid? One product to replace the five it s taking you to create your current look? You ve been looking for Aerogel. It s a hair spray in a gel base. It works as a fixative, gel spray and root lifter all in one. Aerogel turns every design idea into natural looking reality.

Shampoo products by Tri

Tri Shampoo

Tri - Ecollogen Shampoo
3.4 oz.     $5.00    

Tri Ecollogen Shampoo Treatment,shampoo is a deceptively simple product, yet the differences between brands are much greater than you would imagine. Ecollogen s unique manufacturing process and combination of quality ingredients will repair and replenish the hair s protein structure. Proven to be immediately effective, we recommend it for all hair conditions

Tri Shampoo

Tri - Hydrating Shampoo and Color Protector
33.8 fl oz.     $2.00    

Hydrating Shampoo and Color Protector


Tri Shampoo

Tri - Hydrating Shampoo and Color Protector
10.5 fl. oz.     $2.00    

Hydrating Shampoo and Color Protector

Tri Shampoo

Tri - Moisturizing Shampoo
33.8 fl oz.     $2.00    

Moisturizing Shampoo


Tri Shampoo

Tri - Moisturizing Shampoo, Intensive Shampoo for Daily Use
10 oz.     $13.00    

May be used daily on all types of hair. Adds vitality while protecting and restoring highlighted, colored or permed hair. Contains antioxidants to seal and minimize hair color fade, while essential oils and nutritional plant extracts cleanse and prepare the hair for exceptional styling performance.

Styling products by Tri

Tri Styling

Tri - Gel Spray
9.5 oz     $9.50    

The lightest possible application of gel, and it is alcohol free. In styling situations that call for gel support with a light touch, what could be better than a spray-on application. You get an even distribution of the product all over the hairstyle. Gel Spray is wonderful for curl definition and hold.


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