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Designare Brush Out Hairs..
Sprae Fixe Hairspray
Hair Care
Brush Out Hairspray by ..
Creare Designing Liquid
Gel Forte Designing Fixat..

Indola Hair Care has re-energized its ‘power performanc’ Innova range to capture the essence of this fun and funky hair care line, transforming shelves with new, contemporty packaging with graphics reflecting the fresh vibrancy that is Indola In

Finishing products by Indola

Indola Finishing

Indola - Designare Brush Out Hairspray fixatif
10.5 oz.     $22.00    

Designare Brushout Hairspray,a hairspray you can brush out,non sticky,moveable hold.

Indola Finishing

Indola - Sprae Fixe Hairspray
10.5 oz.     $22.00    

Sprae Fixe hairspray, a firm holding hairspray.(aerosol)

Hair Care products by Indola

Indola Hair Care

Indola - Brush Out Hairspray by Indola Designare (10.5 oz.)
10.5 fl. oz.     $19.95    

Designare Brushout Hairspray a hairspray you can brush out non sticky,moveable hold. [10.5 oz.]

Styling products by Indola

Indola Styling

Indola - Creare Designing Liquid
11.5 oz.     $22.00    

Formaly Indola now, just Creare is the only Manufacture Comes in a White Bottle,New picture is not available. Creare - a medium hold product to create shine and style.

Indola Styling

Indola - Gel Forte Designing Fixative Gel
11.5 oz.     $18.00    

Gel Forte - Shaping gel, strong hold.


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