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Phytologie Products
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Phytologie is the science of hair care through plants. We apply our knowledge of beneficial plant properties to our scientific formulas to provide you with gentle, effective and lasting treatments for specific problems of the hair and scalp. Phytologie is the botanical solution to your hair care problems.

Phytologie Products allows the Phytologist-Hairstylist to fully accomplish his calling: to make hair beautiful. Thanks to the plants invaluable resources and to the Laboratories expertise, you will find with your Phytologist-Hairstylist that using Phytologie to all the problems of hair.

Phytologie uses natures resources to treat and maintain healthy hair. it combines the knowledge gathered through centuries of beneficial properties of plants and the modern scientific application of this knowledge to hair care.

Shampoo products by Phytologie

Phytologie Shampoo

6.8 oz.     $26.00    

Phytologie Phytojoba Shampoo, a gentle regulating milk shampoo for frequent washing. Cleans and restores moisture to the hair.Formula made up of jojoba oil,coconut oil,linseed oil and cornflower extracts.


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