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Pevonia Lavandou Lotion, Sensitive Skin

Pevonia Lavandou Lotion,completing a perfect cleansing, Lavender, Azulene, Aloe…leave skin soft, smooth and decongested. Alcohol free. Use morning and evening.

Size/SKU: 6.8 oz.
Price : $32.00

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With Pevonia products you experence a realm of skin care far beyond the norm. Each and every pore is drenched with natures most selective ingredients. Every inch of skin on your face receives rejuvenating theraphy from 100% unadulterated plant extracts and essential oils. In formulation, every sensitizer and photo-sensitizer has been meticulously eliminated. Non-comedogenic and non-animal tested.

Pevonia Skin Products contains no artifical colors or fragrance, no alchol, no chemical fillers, no mineral oil, no lanolin nor PABA. and are non-animal tested. Pevonia ensures your beauty needs are specifically, reputably and reliably fulfilled. Pevonia’s formulations and technologies constantly evolve and progress parallel to your skin care concerns and the world’s scientific developments. Pevonia Botanica…always researching…always implementing…continuously leading the way towards face, body and spa care excellence.

Acne products by Pevonia

Pevonia Acne

Pevonia - Clarigel Exfoliating Cleanser
5 oz.     $36.00    

Pevonia Clarigel Exfoliating Cleanser,this unique and effective cleanser containing: Soapwort, Triclosan, Grapefruit Oil and Citric Acid, gently emulsifies sebum and impurities promoting intense cleansing for problematic skin. Leaves skin fresh and bacteria-free. Use morning and evening.

Cleanser products by Pevonia

Pevonia Cleanser

Pevonia - Dry Skin Cleanser
6.8 oz.     $33.00    

Render your skin refreshingly clean! Cleansing and refreshing, Dry Skin Cleanser lifts off impurities as it counteracts dryness. Delightfully creamy, fluffy, and water-soluble, it leaves no filmy residue. Repairing arnica and hydrating cucumber work in harmony to provide a pleasurable and effective cleansing.

Pevonia Cleanser

Pevonia - Fundamental Cleanser,Combination Skin
6.8 oz.     $33.00    

Rinse away T-zone oiliness! Refreshing and balancing, Combination Skin Cleanser thoroughly washes away impurities and cleanses your oily T-zone. Hydrosoluble, creamy, and light-textured, it easily rinses away without residue. Harmoniously combining Rosemary and Grapefruit essential oil, it promotes an enjoyable cleansing ritual.


Pevonia Cleanser

Pevonia - Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser,all Skin Types
5 oz.     $39.00    

Exfoliate for healthy skin! Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser gently polishes your skin with its unique creamy, granular texture. Wash away impurities and toxins with a precise formulation of Jojoba Beads, Saponaria, and Chamomile for a clean and smooth complexion. Ideal for all skin types.

Pevonia Cleanser

Pevonia - Lavandou Cleanser, Sensitive Skin
6.8 oz.     $33.00    

Cleanse without irritability or discomfort! Soothing and light-textured, Sensitive Skin Cleanser gently removes accumulated impurities, while diffusing redness and irritation. Water-soluble, it easily rinses away for a fresh, revitalized complexion. Chamomile and Calendula deliver calming and desensitizing benefits to your delicate skin.


Pevonia Cleanser

Pevonia - Purilys Phyto Gel Cleanser,for Oily Skin
6.8 oz.     $41.00    

Foam away impurities! Enticingly aromatic, Phyto-Gel Cleanser provides a delightful natural soft lather for deep cleansing. Saponaria, Rosemary, Lemon, and Pine, precisely blend to rid your skin of impurities and surface toxins. Non-alkaline and non-drying, this gel is suited for all skin types.

Pevonia Cleanser

Pevonia - RS2 Gentle Cleanser, Rose Line
4 .0 oz.     $34.00    

Cleanse and desensitize! Ideal for hypersensitivity, this creamy, hydrosoluble RS2 Gentle Cleanser gently removes impurities while calming and desensitizing. Experience the cooling and decongesting benefits of Allantoin and French Rose essential oil as they gently combine to render your skin refreshingly clean.

Concentrate products by Pevonia

Pevonia Concentrate

Pevonia - RS2- Concentrate,Rose Line
1.0 oz.     $84.00    

Pevonia RS2- Concentrate,a light gel highly concentrated in active ingredients that provides immediate relief, comfort and coolness. This powerful concentrate combines Green Tea and Licorice with other ingredients to radically improve skin’s chronic blotchiness, redness, congestion and sensitivity. Use morning and evening. Best results when used before RS2 cream.

Pevonia Concentrate

Pevonia - RS2- Concentrate,Rose Line
1.0 oz.     $84.00    

Pevonia RS2- Concentrate,a light gel highly concentrated in active ingredients that provides immediate relief, comfort and coolness. This powerful concentrate combines Green Tea and Licorice with other ingredients to radically improve skin’s chronic blotchiness, redness, congestion and sensitivity. Use morning and evening. Best results when used before RS2 cream.

Eye products by Pevonia

Pevonia Eye

Pevonia - Evolurive Eye Cream
1.0 oz.     $75.00    

Pevonia Evolurive Eye Cream,non-Greasy, this eye cream contains Vegetal Squalane Oil and Vitamins A, E, B, and D, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C, which impressively nourish and firm eye contour while softening and smoothing skin texture and minimizing fine lines. UV protection. Use morning or evening

Pevonia Eye

Pevonia - Evolutive Eye Gel C
1.0 oz.     $69.00    

Pevonia Evolutive Eye Gel C,containing the latest technology in liposomic structure: Sphérulites. Rich in repairing, hydrating and soothing ingredients such as: Sphérulites of Sodium Hyaluronate and Vitamin “C”, this gel reduces puffiness and dark circles. Use morning


Pevonia Eye

Pevonia - Eye Make-up Remover Lotion
6.8 oz.     $33.00    

Pevonia Eye Make-up Remover Lotion,a gentle, aqueous cleansing lotion for your eyelids and lashes. Lettuce, Cucumber and Arnica perfectly blend to thoroughly remove make-up without irritating the sensitive eye area. Recommended for contact lense wearers. Use when needed

Pevonia Eye

Pevonia - Power Repair Eye Contour
1.0 oz     $82.00    

Prevent and correct aging in your fragile eye zone. Repair, firm, moisturize and reduce fine lines with this anti-aging eye serum. For someone in their early to late 30's who is just starting to see expression lines around the eyes and wants to correct them and prevent them from becoming deeper. This microemulsified Power Repair Eye Contour firms and moisturizes your fragile eye zone.

Firming products by Pevonia

Pevonia Firming

Pevonia - Radiance Glycocides Cream
1.7 oz     $70.00    

Pevonia Radiance Glycocides Cream,Glycolic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Chamomile, enable this highly smoothing formula to reduce the appearance of fine lines, leaving skin rejuvenated, hydrated and soft. UV protection. Use morning or evening.

Pevonia Firming

Pevonia - Refining Marine DNA Cream
1.7 oz.     $75.00    

Pevonia Marine DNA Cream,light-textured, this cream refines skin surface while minimizing enlarged pores. D.N.A., Ginkgo Biloba and more work together to deliver smoother skin and tighter pores. UV protection. Use morning or evening.

Moisturizer products by Pevonia

Pevonia Moisturizer

Pevonia - Fundamental Care Cream, Combination Skin
1.7 oz.     $57.00    

Pevonia Fundamental Care Cream,light-textured, a perfect blend of Hazel Nut Oil, Aloe, Elder…ensure skin is nourished and repaired while oily secretions are balanced. UV protection. Use morning and evening.

Pevonia Moisturizer

Pevonia - Lavandou Care Cream, Sensitive Skin
1.7 oz.     $59.00    

Pevonia Lavandou Care Cream,containing the latest calming and soothing ingredients such as Hazel Nut, Bisabolol, Vitamins B & E… this light-textured cream offers UV protection. Use morning or evening.


Pevonia Moisturizer

Pevonia - Reactive Skin Care Cream
1.7 oz     $55.00    

An ideal cream to soothe and provide immediate comfort for irritated and super sensitive skin.

Providing environmental protection, this cream is ideal for soothing and delivering relief to super sensitive skin. Shea butter, calendula and micronized titanium dioxide, combine to heal, protect and provide immediate relief to skin irritations. Recommended for Retin A users and Post-Op care: laser resurfacing and dermabrasion.

Pevonia Moisturizer

Pevonia - Rejuvenating Dry Skin Cream
1.7 oz.     $62.00    

Pevonia Sevactive Care Cream,suave and non-greasy, rich in micronized vitamins and phyto-extracts such as: Horsetail, Aloe, Rosemary, Hops... helps maintain skin's moisture level and tone. UV protection


Pevonia Moisturizer

Pevonia - RS2 Care Cream,Rose Line
1.7 oz.     $84.00    

Pevonia RS2 Care Cream,healing and calming, this wonderfully unctuous textured cream blends Green Tea, Licorice, Hazel Nut Oil and more to deliver soothing and desensitizing effects to Rosacea and sensitive skin. UV protection. Use morning and evening all over face and neck after Gentle Cleanser and Gentle Lotion. Best results obtained when used after RS2 Concentrate.

Oxygen products by Pevonia

Pevonia Oxygen

Pevonia - C Complex
1.0 oz.     $95.00    

Pevonia Ligne Soin O2ptimal Complex,this high concentration of active ingredients such as: Vitamin C, and Hyaluronic Acid, oxygenate, reduce wrinkles, smooth skin, and enhance elasticity promoting repair and radiance. Recommended for all skin types. Use morning or evening before any O2ptimal cream.

Peeling Cream products by Pevonia

Pevonia Peeling Cream

Pevonia - Enzymo-Spherides Peeling Cream,all Skin types
1.7 oz.     $45.00    

Experience the cutting-edge technology of this cream’s unique enzymes entrapment. Enzymo-Sphérides® Peeling Cream offers encapsulated enzymes in micro-sphérides for maximum activity upon contact with your skin. Pineapple and Papaya enzymes eliminate impurities, blackheads, dead cells, sebum, and toxins as you work this cream into your skin and gain a bright, smooth complexion.

Toner products by Pevonia

Pevonia Toner

Pevonia - Dry Skin Lotion
6.8 oz.     $32.00    

Pevonia Sevactive Lotion,the healing effects of Chamomile, Aloe...complete a perfect cleansing program leaving skin smooth and prepared for further treatment. Alcohol free.

Pevonia Toner

Pevonia - Fundamental Lotion,Combination Skin
6.8 oz.     $32.00    

Pevonia Fundamental Lotion,fresh and light, this alcohol-free lotion sprinkles Rosemary Essential Oil, Aloe… over skin leaving it refreshed and toned. Use morning and evening.


Pevonia Toner

Pevonia - Lavandou Lotion, Sensitive Skin
6.8 oz.     $32.00    

Pevonia Lavandou Lotion,completing a perfect cleansing, Lavender, Azulene, Aloe…leave skin soft, smooth and decongested. Alcohol free. Use morning and evening.

Pevonia Toner

Pevonia - Power Repair Hydration Toner
4 oz     $25.00    

Pevonia Botanica Power Repair Hydrating Toner is a hydrating, anti-aging toner lotion for the face. It delivers nutrient-rich moisture to promote a youthful, radiant complexion.
Collagen and elastin helps improve tone and texture. Hyaluronic acid locks in moisture, plumping skin and diminishing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin E provides antioxidant benefits to protect and nourish as licorice root extract works to even skin tone, revealing flawless-looking skin.


Pevonia Toner

Pevonia - RS2 Gentle Lotion
4 oz     $29.00    

Pevonia Rosacea Gentle Lotion is an alcohol free lotion that perfects a thorough cleansing. Precisely combining Licorice, Green Tea and Chamomile, Pevonia Rosacea Gentle Lotion is soothing, decongesting, calming, hydrating, diffusing redness, and reducing irritation, while preparing skin for further treatment.


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