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Fermodyl Hair Care Products were developed by specialised protein chemists working in the textile industry. These scientists created a molecule that has the capability to merge with hair fibres, interact with keratin, and restructure hair.

The Fermodyl formulations use these protein molecules to penetrate right to the cortex of the hair shaft and then build from within. This chemistry is unique within the hair care industry.

Standard hair products may improve hair strength by less than 1%. But by interacting with the hairs make up, the Fermodyl formulations improve the tensile strength of damaged hair by up to 15% and increase the diameter of the hair shaft by up to 20%. By increasing tensile strength, Fermodyl Interactives help weaker hair become stronger and help prevent breakage.

Treatment products by Fermodyl

Fermodyl Treatment

Fermodyl - FERMODYL INTERACTIVES Double 233 Corrective Treatment & Shine
8.4 oz     $11.00 Fermodyl Double 233 Corrective Treatment & Shine 8oz. for damaged hair treats the outer cuticle layer and internal structure of the hair simultaneously.

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